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Why Public Relations?

PR is a broad term which includes building relationships with many different groups – the media, employees, customers, regulators, opinion formers…whoever is important to you. To do that, we use different tools – journalism/copywriting, photography, video, websites, social media. PR advice can help provide you with a consistent, professional image, helping you stand out from the competition. It can also help you prepare for any reputational risk issues which may arise.

Why Lattice PR?

We are a group of communications professionals who worked for many years ‘in-house’, buying services from large PR agencies. As a result, we know what is valuable support to give a business and what simply wastes their money. Working as a virtual team, our overheads are very low and we are able to target your budget to where it can have the most impact. Experience in some of the largest companies in the UK, coupled with being small business owners, means that we understand what makes businesses work.

Support for Small Business

We provide help to small business owners eager to build their businesses. Services include Copywriting, Web design, Online marketing, Social Media, Media Relations, e-book creation and Video services. Click here for more.

WordPress support

We provide a specialist website design, hosting, security and maintenance service for those using the WordPress platform (and if you’re not, we can help you get there!). Check out Jeeves4Wordpress for more information.

Richard Dymond

Richard Dymond


If you’ve got something to say to someone – we can help you. We provide a full range of ‘corporate communications’ services for businesses large and small. Perhaps you’ve already got an in-house marketing or communications team? We can provide extra resource to help cope with high workload. Or maybe you’re struggling to do everything on your own or with a small team? We can provide you with your own corporate communications team without the overheads of employing a dedicated resource in-house. Get in touch and we can chat through the options.

Update those plug-ins!

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